Appraise your value

By Sam Zanahar (2005)

While most people are not aware of the zoological component in it, humans, just like apes, live in a hierarchical society in which every individual occupies a position relative to other individuals. This is especially the case if we evaluate each person’s attractiveness as sexual partner.

As sexual interests are the primary motivators in people’s lives, it is only natural that each of us constantly tries to improve one’s position.

There are many factors that determine a person’s sexual market value: physical attractiveness and age (which is why young beautiful women have an easy life), wealth or economic stability (which is why rich men typically have the more beautiful women). Achievers are considered of higher rank than non-achievers. Intelligent men fare better than ordinary ones.

In the case of a young woman, beauty is such a dominant factor (in the eyes of men) that it doesn’t matter if she’s stupid and a bore. Because everything is so easy for young beautiful women, there is a clear tendency for them to be spoiled brats. On the other hand, especially these beautiful spoiled brats experience the strongest decline of their sexual market value at an age somewhere between 30 and 40. Many people, including less attractive women, feel that this serves them right, anyway.

The above mechanisms are clear to most everybody, though not everybody would articulate them in the same, rather radical, manner.

I do not want to go into further detail on the sexual market value of each of us in a Western society but rather want to draw attention on cross-cultural aspects.

It is obvious that the positions of men and women are not balanced in the same manner in each and every culture. I believe that the position of women is strongest in Western European and North American societies. In these Western societies, the rules for the courting game are determined by women to a much higher degree than typically is the case in more traditional societies, or Third World societies, the Arab world, East Asia, religious India, you name it.

Because there is no real poverty in Western European and North American societies, material considerations also play much less a role there than in any Third World country. This judgment may come as a surprise for many young men in Western Europe and North America, as they constantly experience that those with the better cars get the better girls.

However, the degree to which a man’s sexual market value is determined by his economic means is much greater in countries where a large number of families struggle to make ends meet.

In such poor countries, Western Europe and North America are so strongly identified as rich that the sexual market value of Western men is almost entirely determined by their origin. And their sexual market value is top, indeed. In many Third World societies, it is chic for the most beautiful local women to have a Western boyfriend or husband, and even those Western men who can’t compete in their own societies will usually have no problem to rank highly in Third World societies.

I believe that for men capable of analyzing the ranking game with a global perspective, this should have far-reaching implications.

Is it sensible to participate in the courting game in Western Europe or North America if the rules in Third World societies are much more in favor of men, especially men from Western Europe and North America? Is it worthwhile to spend one’s resources in the rich countries of Western Europe and North America when the same economic means catapult a man into the top 1 percent of all contenders in a Third World country?

For a practical man, the answer must be no.

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