Opposition MP urges women to boycott sex until their men register to vote

Timeslive.co.za | AFP | 18 January, 2017 07:34

A Kenyan opposition MP has urged fellow women to impose a sex boycott until their men register to vote in August’s general election.

Mishi Mboko, who is married, said women should withhold sex until their menfolk present their credentials in the form of a valid voter ID card.

“Women, if your husband has not been registered as a voter, you deny him a little and tell him to go get registered and then come back and enjoy the game,” Mboko said.

The parliamentarian was speaking in Mombasa on Monday at the start of a month-long drive to register voters ahead of the August 8 polls. She said sex was a powerful motivator and that registering in large numbers was the opposition’s best bet for beating President Uhuru Kenyatta on election day.