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Exciting prospects for women, even as they get older

By Marc Meisfelt (2007)

While there are benefits in being older, for both men and women, there is no benefit in looking older.

The benefit of being older is, that inevitably, one has more experience and will probably be smarter. But that's about it when it comes to the benefits of age.

Nevertheless, appearance-wise, females probably are at their peak at age 19, and men, depending on their ethnicity and culture, between the age of 24 and 29. That is when the sexes have their best sexual market value.

The subsequent decline of the sexual market value of women is faster and more complete than that of men. When women are 45, their sexual market value is very low indeed.


Not when they are 45, but when they look 45.

The exciting prospect for the future is that women never have to look 45, and therefore never have to accept this extreme loss in sexual market value. And the future is now.

The science and art of cosmetic surgery has now reached a level that can assure that a woman never looks older than in her 30s, even when she is in her 60s.

Of course, such a course of life takes financial resources. But any female who makes the right decisions in her youth and only associates herself with men who are sufficiently wealthy or provide her with prospects to achieve wealth herself, should, in her early 30s and onwards for decades, be in a position to afford those cosmetic surgeries that are necessary to keep her looking in her 30s until the end of her life.

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