Sexual philosophy

Sexual satisfaction and death
Optimal love and sex, and a gentle death, instead of a god (1.4)
Reader contribution on morphine
  German: Optimale Liebe und optimaler Sex, und ein sanfter Tod, statt eines Gottes (1.0)
  Italian: Ottimi orgasmi e una morte delicata, invece di Dio (1.0)
  Italian: Ottimi orgasmi e una morte delicata, invece di Dio (1.3)
The idea of a gentle death (1.1)
Consciousness and cognition (2.0)
The meaning of life (1.5)
Sexual desires (2.1)
The metaphysics of sex (1.4)
The pursuit of sexual joy (4.2)
The Marquis de Sade and the primacy of sex (1.4)

The suicide option
Committing suicide (3.4)
Sexual intercourse and the senselessness of our existence (3.2)
No benefit (1.5)
Making sense (2.3)
  Spanish: El Sentido de la Vida (1.0)
  Archive: Making sense (1.2)
Drugs (1.3)

Elusive joy
Nature, our enemy (1.2)
Nature wants us unhappy (1.2)
Nature depriving us (1.2)
Engineering happiness (2.1)
Neuropharmacology - the alternative route to happiness (2.1)

Sexual market value
Appraise your value (1.1)
  Simplified Chinese: 鉴定你的价值 (1.1)
Western men and Asian prostitutes (1.2)
  Simplified Chinese: 亚洲女性的性市值 (1.2)
Protect your sexual market value (1.0)
Know your enemies, and your prey (2.0)
Why short old Westerm men can still rank sexually high in Third World countries (1.3)
  Spanish: Tu decision mas importante (1.0)
  German: Deine wichtigste Entscheidung(1.0)

Sexual morals
Was slave-holding Rome an immoral society (3.3)
  German: Moralische Werte (3.3)
Sexually transmitted diseases are behind monogamy (2.0)
Morals as rulers for people with limited intellectual capacities (4.0)
Women should negotiate economic benefits for sexual access (1.0)
Christian moral crusaders indifferent to animal torture (1.0)

Political activism
A political career (3.0)
The new feminism (1.0)
Honesty (2.0)
  Archive: Political strategy (1.0)
  Archive: Activism and solidarity (1.0)

Advice for women

Advice for women in poor countries
My advice to young women in Third World cities (1.3)
  Dutch: Mijn advies aan jonge vrouwen in derde wereld
What is your virginity? (1.0)
  Simplified Chinese: 贞操与女人 (1.0)
  Bahasa Indonesia: Apakah itu Keperawanan Anda? (1.0)
Advice for Chinese women (1.0)

Addressing intellectually advanced women
What are intellectually advanced women? (1.0)
The bisexual ideal (1.2)
What women want (1.0)
  Italian: Quello che le donne vogliono (1.0)
What a woman needs in life (1.0)
Jealousy - the greatest pool of sexual energy (1.4)
  German: Gelobt sei die Untreue (1.0)
  Italian: Elogio del línfedelta (1.3)
  Slovenian Hvalnica nezvestobi (1.3)
Why I don't need many females? (2.5)
China and female sexuality (1.0)
  Simplified Chinese: 中国与女性性欲望 (1.0)

Advice for men

Competing for sexual success
Sexual competition (1.0)
Competing rationally in an irrational world (1.2)

Improving sexual function
Pharmacological enhancement (1.3)

About the author

Biographical note (4.1)
Introduction to my work (1.3)
How I view myself (1.6)
Drafts and version numbers (1.3)
To write or not to write (1.5)

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